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Exploring Issues Group

Originating from the 2003 St John's Alpha Course, the group has expanded to include members of several local churches.

It meets in a local home, usually on the third Tuesday evening of the month to explore contemporary issues of concern to Christians. Normally an outside speaker with expertise introduces the topic, followed by discussion designed to be held in an open and non-judgemental manner, so that all points of view can be heard and explored. The meeting concludes with a short time of prayer and refreshments. We are very grateful to Pat and David Boyes for their hospitality.

Attendance is typically 20-30, depending on the topic! Interestingly (and significantly), the most well attended meeting was on: Church Music: Divine or Divisive? Topics are suggested by the participants and a small planning committee. They have ranged from biblical interpretation, creation, religious extremism (by the prison Imam), Islam (by a Baptist minister), Quakerism, holiness, spirituality, marriage – heterosexual and homosexual, to end of life issues (by a retired geriatrician), church liturgy, dealing with debt and poverty, and social media.

If you would like to know more about Exploring Issues please contact Ted Evans or the Church Office.

Upcoming Events

7:30pm Monday 15 May, St John's Old Vicarage
Exploring Issues
Tony Allwood on 'Unpacking the Last General Synod'
7:30pm Monday 12 June, St John's Old Vicarage
Exploring Issues
Jeremy Harrold on 'Justin Welby's Lent Book for 2017': "Dethroning Mammon" We recommend members to read the book beforehand - £9.99 Bloomsbury Press