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Paul Harcourt talks 'Walking on Water' - available to listen to.  

On 23rd November, we had the pleasure of hosting a New Wine Leaders Day where Paul Harcourt, National Leader of New Wine and Vicar of All Saints, Woodford Wells spoke to us about 'stepping out', especially if you have sensed God is calling you into something new.  Without Paul knowing our vision at St John's in advance, his message almost spoke prophetically about us as a church, in line with our vision of being, Holy, Compelled and Fruitful.  We realise that not everyone was able to come to hear Paul Harcourt on 23rd November, due to work commitments etc, so we have downloaded the talks and would encourage you to listen (or maybe re-listen if you attended the day).  

New Wine Leaders Day
        Talk 1 - click here (60 minutes duration)
        Talk 2 - click here (38 minutes duration)
        Talk 3 - click here (8 minutes duration)