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New Church Electoral Roll 2019 

The Electoral Roll will be closed for the creation of a complete new roll from 24th February and will remain closed until the annual Parochial Church Meeting on 28th April.  This means, if you would like to be on the Electoral Roll, you have to fill in an application form even if you were on the previous roll.  Electoral Roll application forms are available from the Church Office.  They must be completed and returned to Phil Allen, the Electoral Roll Officer for St. Johns, via the Church Office by 17th March.

What is the Church Electoral Roll?

The Electoral Roll is effectively our membership list, the number we can count upon as committed members of St Johns.
Also, within the Church of England, it is the parish's register of electors; it is the list of those qualified to vote at the annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) where the elections take place for: The Parochial Church Council (The PCC), and the parish's representatives on the Deanery Synod.
The Roll is used to determine eligibility for attendance and participation at the APCM and for election to the PCC.  It is also used to determine eligibility for election to the deanery, diocesan and general synods.  In addition it is used for the calculation of the number of representatives who may be elected to each of these synods in the following year.

What is happening to the Electoral Roll now?

The Church Electoral Roll must be accurately kept.  To achieve accuracy every sixth year, instead of a revision, a completely new Roll has to be prepared and that is what is happening this year.

Why do we want you to complete a form?

  1. Being a member of the electoral roll gives you the opportunity to have your say. This will include being entitled to attend and vote at the APCM.
  2. It gives an accurate record of those who consider themselves members of our church.
  3. The number of people on the roll makes no difference to the amount we pay the Diocese, but it does have an effect on the number of places we have on the Deanery Synod and therefore our voice within the Deanery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can be on the Electoral Roll?
To be on the electoral roll a person needs to have been baptised, be at least 16 years old and either:
    • Living in the parish and a member of the Church of England or a Church in communion with the     Church of England
    • Not resident in the parish but is a member of the Church of England (or a Church with which the     Church of England is in communion) and has regularly attended worship in the parish during the     six months prior to enrolment
    • A member in good standing of a Church which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and     they are prepared to declare themselves a member of the Church of England, having regularly     attended worship during the six months prior to enrolment.

2. Can I be on more than one Electoral Roll?
A person can be on the Roll of several parishes if fulfilling the above criteria, but can only use one parish for the purposes of membership of the PCC, elections to synods, etc.

3. I live in the Parish - won't I automatically be on the Roll?
Living in the parish will not automatically add you to the electoral roll.

4. I attend St Johns Church regularly - won't I automatically be on the Roll?
Coming to church regularly, giving regularly or completing a welcome slip will not automatically add you to the electoral roll.

5. How do I add my name to the Roll?
You can only be added to the electoral roll if you complete, sign and return your form to the electoral roll officer.

6. How can I remove my name from the Roll?
You can be removed from the electoral roll by writing to the electoral roll officer.

7. What if I have questions about applying to be on the Roll?
Please get in touch with Phil Allen, the church Electoral Roll Officer, or one of the Churchwardens.

Electoral Roll Application Form
Electoral Roll Privacy Notice