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Bring and Share Lunch dates

Food for all the family!2020-02-11  Shared Lunches
The shared lunches are held once a month at St John's Church, usually on the first Sunday after the All Age Service, and are a great opportunity to meet people, spend time with friends and enjoy some wonderful food. If you’re an occasional visitor to St John’s or your first visit to our church coincides with a lunch, why not come along?
There are normally between 30 - 40 people attend the lunches. We started the lunches as we wanted to encourage people to have an opportunity to get to know each other over a whole lunch rather than a quick five minute chat after the service.

Everyone’s welcome to come along whether you bring some food or not. Regardless of how many people there are or how much food we have there always seems to be enough to go around.

If you’re able to join us for the next shared lunch at St John’s it would be great to see you there!