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Vision & Mission

Loving God, Loving People, Sharing Jesus!

Our vision is to be a hope filled, welcoming and loving community, a place of continual restoration for all.
A community of learners where we grow to be more like Jesus.
A community concerned about our neighbour, our world and where we are intentional about reaching out to others to share Jesus.
A flexible community which desires to simplify things radically to advance the kingdom (Acts 15).
· Encountering God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is life changing.Up
· God’s word applied by the power of the Holy Spirit is essential for Christian living.
· We value the power of prayer in all we do.
· We welcome the ministry of the Holy Spirit and seek to grow in the exercise of the fruit,
and the gifts, of the Holy Spirit. 

· As followers of Jesus we expect to become more Christ like through discipleship and the
desire to grow in the knowledge, love and trust of God.

· We seek to live out Christ’s Kingdom values in our day to day choices.
· We demonstrate God’s love by our welcome, practical care and service of each other.
· We seek to be 24/7 witnessing worshippers in all we do. 
· We desire to enter into God’s own heart for mission – sharing the Good News of Jesus to
everyone He calls us to. 

· As we have received God’s grace we seek to excel in generosity with all we have.
à Build an all age community
à Grow in love and unity as a worshipping community
à Be outward focused.

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