Life Groups at St John's

Meeting others in a smaller group is a really important aspect of life in a large church like St John's.

Smaller groups encourage closer relationships and provide important opportunities for us to fulfil Christ's command to love and care for one another. These groups are places where questions can be asked and difficulties shared in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, a place where individuals can be cared for and encouraged in their relationship with God.

At St John's these groups are called Life Groups, they usually occur in people’s homes, and consist of about 8-12 people. All Life Groups have a common shape and objectives which are in harmony with the St John's Vision (“Holy, Compelled and Fruitful”), and derived from biblical principles in Acts (chapter 2 verses 42-47). Life Groups meet to study the bible together, discuss & share with each other, to worship and pray, for fellowship and to show love & faith through action to others who do not yet know Christ. (These are known as the 6 Objectives for Life Groups.)

Life Group members decide what they would like to study. This might be to read and learn about a particular book in the bible, or to look at a topic from a biblical perspective. Sometimes there are church wide teaching themes, for example, looking at how to be a more fruitful congregation.

Currently there are 16 Life Groups that meet on various weekdays, some in the daytime and some in the evening. In one of these groups we hope that you will find a place where you can grow in your relationship with God, knowledge of the bible, be supported in your life journey and be encouraged to share the Good News of Jesus with others you meet everyday. Each group has a different feel and engage in different activities including musical worship, creative arts, walks, meals out and even trips to the cinema.

For further details about Life Groups please contact Luc Ray-Mathur or Liz Grant who co-ordinate and support the Life Groups. They can be reached by emailing or via the Church Office.

Luc Ray-Mathur    Liz Grant

Life Group Coordinators: Luc Ray-Mathur


Liz Grant