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There is always plenty going on at St John's and this page is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news and notices from Clive and the Church Office.


Area of Service Opportunity - Duty Wardens

We are in need of Duty Wardens for the Sunday morning service and Cafe Church.  If this is an area you are able to help with, please contact Dave Guard or the church office. 

As Duty Warden your areas of responsibility are:  to arrive at church approximately 30 mins before the start of the service to assist with setting anything up.   You will be on duty during the service but at this time there is often little to do, apart from counting the congregation and be available for any emergencies. At the end of the service you will need to help clear up, count money and lock up.  To begin with, you will work alongside an experienced warden. 

Thank you From Marion Nunn 

Marion Nunn wants to convey her thanks to everyone for their prayers and cards on her recent move to near Warrington, to be near her son. 

Charity Quin - Good Morning Gorgeous!

An evening of Song-Stories of women who found themselves healed, freed and filled with joy, peace and new hope.  Donations/Proceeds from Charity's new album will go to Talitha Koum ('TK').  Refreshments/cakes will be available on the night.    We hope you can join us to hear what Charity wants to share through song and stories and support Talitha Koum,  which is an Ipswich based charity whose mission is to reach out with love, compassion and practical support to vulnerable women.  For more details about Talitha Koum, please click here.  

If you would like to offer support by way of making some cakes/biscuits (finger food only please) for this event which will be offered on the evening for donations for the TK project, please contact Tracey Fearn, PA to Revd Clive Howard or email:  


2019-04-07Charity Quinn 

Help for Sparklers 

Our preschool children aged 2-5 need an extra helper.  If you enjoy making, singing, playing and having lots of fun this could be the perfect role for you!  Sparklers need one adult to help on the third Sunday of each month during the 10 am service. 
Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to serve in Sparklers and speak to Clare Johnston for more information.

Wedding Anniversary Congratulations 

We send our love and congratulations to Shirley and Ray Marsh who celebrate their Diamond wedding anniversary on  the 30th March.

Agapé  Supper- 18 April 2019 

Come and share fellowship in the context of a Passover Meal. Jesus and his disciples met for this meal (traditionally called the Last Supper). As we prepare for Easter, this is a good opportunity to meet and share a symbolic meal (please note this will not be a full 3 course dinner) together. The evening will consist of worship, Bible readings, prayers and reflections. Please contact Peter and Julie Plummer,  Luc and Diana Ray-Mathur , Church Office or complete the Sign-Up sheet in Church for an invitation.


Third Person Training Morning - St Mary's London coming to St John's!

We are pleased to confirm that a team from St Mary's, Bryanston Square will be coming to St John's on Saturday 15th June to offer a training morning on prayer.  This is an event for everyone - please book your place!  

2019-06-15Third Person Trainin 

New Wine United 2019 - 27th July-2nd August

New Wine is a summer conference based at East of England Showground, Peterborough in 2019.   St John's are attending Saturday, July 27, 2019 -  to Friday, August 2, 2019. It caters for all ages and has specific children's and youth streams who meet in their own venues.  There is a discount if you book before 3 April 2019.  For more information on joining with our church family during week one, visit our New Wine United page under 'Church Life/Holidays+Festivals/New Wine' or click here.   Alternatively, please speak to Julie or Peter Plummer who are our camping village hosts this year. 

2019-07-27New Wine 2019

All Out For Love 

2019-03-05All Out for LoveSpri
Please invite engaged couples to take part in our course. All are welcome; whether they are part of a church or not and there is no charge for the course.

‘All Out For Love’ is designed to allow you to take time out from your wedding planning and give you the time and space to think of the bigger picture and to consider what’s important for your future life together.

Over 5 evenings the course covers topics such as: keeping love alive, building and maintaining good communication and how to resolve conflict.

The course is held in a local home and we do our best to make our guests as relaxed as possible. The evening starts with a meal, followed by a series of short talks interspersed with exercises and questions for you to discuss together as a couple. At no time during the sessions will you be requested to share anything with anyone other than your partner.

St John's APCM 

Easter at St John's

2019-03-01Easter Services Post 

Commitment Cards - Thank You and Reminder 

Thank you to those that have completed a commitment card.  If you haven't already done this, we encourage you to prayerfully consider your support of St John’s in 2019, and to return a Commitment Card in confidence to Robert Brockbank, as this helps with the church’s budgeting for the year. Cards, a letter from the Vicar and reply envelopes are available on the shelf in the church porch. Alternatively you can download the form from our website, under 'About Us/Giving' or alternatively please click here. 

Mothering Sunday Celebration - St Andrews, Bredfield 

2019-03-31Mothering Sunday Cel 

St John's Informal Organ Concert - Wednesday 27th March 

Informal Organ Concert
We will be holding an Informal Organ Concert on Wednesday 27th March starting at 12.15pm, following the mid-week Wednesday communion service.   There will be a light lunch after the concert and if you would like to stay for lunch, please contact Jenny Burleigh, Shirley Meeson or the church office.   

We hope you can join us!


Cafe Church - New Wine Teaching 

We hope you can join us at Cafe Church over the coming weeks where we will be showing a selection of the New Wine teaching videos from some of the key speakers.  We also look forward to hearing what Roger Seville has to say to us on 17th February regarding 'Significant Conversations' based around John 14.  

Cafe Church New Wine  

The Real Easter Egg 

As most of the shops have stocked their huge selection of Easter Eggs, please consider buying The Real Easter Egg - they are sold at Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda.  The Real Easter Egg campaign is one of the biggest evangelism initiatives in the UK. It crosses all denominations and offers a simple way to share the Easter Story while supporting Fairtrade and charitable projects.

The Real Easter Egg was launched in 2010. It was a real struggle as all the supermarkets turned it down at first. It was left to churches and church schools to place orders and fund The Meaningful Chocolate Company to begin making The Real Easter Egg.  To date, they have sold more than one million eggs.  

Not only has there been an increase in Fairtrade chocolate sales, but nearly £275,000 has been donated to charitable projects and pay Fairtrade Premium fees, to  farmers allowing them to invest in their community buying everything from school books and solar panels to providing fresh water.

The success of The Real Easter Egg has meant that the production of Fairtrade chocolate has moved to the UK!  

The Real Easter Egg 

Cafe Church - Can you help? 

Cafe Church banner 

We would be so pleased to hear from anyone who is able to help at Cafe Church.  We particularly need some people to help with set up once per month - generally it requires a couple of people to do this (or a family) either after the morning service or late afternoon before Cafe Church begins.    Other teams we need help once per month is:  Welcome, Refreshments and Tear Down.  Currently we are very low on numbers which is putting extra pressure on those that currently help - please prayerfully consider this and get in touch with the office or Emma Blair if you are able to commit to one area once per month.  Many thanks!


Life Groups 

Life Groups are an important part of Church life; meeting together on a regular basis, usually in someone's home.  Being part of a life group enables you to build strong relationships to support and encourage each other through life and in your walk with God. It is also a place to delve deeper into God's word through studying the bible and praying together.

There are Life Groups available on different days of the week, during the day and also in the evening.  Our aim is to make life groups accessible to all members of the Church.

If you would like to be part of a Life group or would just like to know a bit more about it please contact Pat House via the Church Office.

The Hub Community Cafe 

We are looking forward to this becoming a hub for the community where you can meet friends and make new ones. 
2018-12-21The Hub Community Ca 

Fruitfulness On The Frontline

We introduced a new sermon series on 20 January entitled 'Fruitfulness on the Frontline' at the 10am St John's Service. 

There is a book to accompany this series which can be purchased through Eden Books - please click here if you would like to order a copy.   

Fruitfulness on the Frontline