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Building Community

There are always opportunities to get involved with the life of St John's.

The following teams are currently looking for more folk to join them:

Little Gems Team
The Service Build and Stream team
The Audio Team
Sunday Morning Refreshment team

Please contact the Church Office, or the relevant team leader below, if you would like to get involved. You can find out a bit more below, all of the teams are keen to welcome new members so please do get in touch if you have a specific area you would like to be involved with.

Church Family Teams


Operating the audio system at St John’s is a great way of serving the congregations and supporting the ministry and worship teams by ensuring the speech and music can be heard clearly by everyone. This involves setting up and putting away equipment, adjusting the many tone and levels controls during the service, and making recordings for those who are unable to be there on the day. If you feel that this is an area where you could contribute, please contact Jonathan Evans or the church office.


If you would like to join the team for this new style service please contact Lyn Spall or the Church Office 

Duty Wardens

Duty Wardens are required to arrive at the church 30-45 mins before the start of the service to assist with setting up.   You will be on duty during the service but there's not normally much to do except to count how many are present at the service and be available for any emergencies.  At the end of the service you will need to help clear up, count money and lock up.  To begin with, we will make sure you are on duty with an experienced warden.  If you are interested in becoming a Duty Warden, please contact Alan Nunn or the Church Office

Service Build/ Live Streaming

This little team is essential to ensure everyone can see what's going on from home, and so those present can see the words on the screen for music, prayers, readings etc.  Please contact Alan Nunn or the Church Office.

Flower Arranging

If you would like to help make our church look welcoming and beautiful, this is the team for you.  The flowers are refreshed weekly, normally at the weekend. For annual festivals, at Christmas, Easter and Harvest, we meet on a Saturday morning, when a warm welcome is given to anyone able to help.  If you would like to get involved in this area of ministry, either to join our regular team or to occasionally provide flowers or foliage, please get in touch with the Church Office.

Office Administration

If you are interested in helping out with general administration, ie.  opening and closing the church on a regular basis for prayer, looking after the heating, changing the information boards, so we can inform the community around us about what's happening or other ad-hoc administrative tasks, please contact Noelle Gore, Operations Manager. 

Readers, Intercessors and Prayer Ministry

If you would like to be on the rota as a Reader/Intercessor or be part of the Prayer Ministry Team, please contact Luc Ray-Mathur or the Church Office

Pastoral Care Team

The team meets regularly and is made up of a group of pastoral visitors & helpers. The pastoral care team seek to ensure help and support is there when members have difficulties such as bereavement, illness, family difficulties, are housebound or lonely. They can arrange visiting and taking communion by extension to those who are housebound.  Please contact the Church Office for further details.


Our main refreshment team serves tea and coffee etc. each week after the main Sunday service.  Being on this team will involve arriving before the service to set up, serving and clearing away afterwards. This is a great way of getting to know people and to serve the church in an easy way. Diana Hanes would love to chat with you if you feel you would like to join the team, contact the Church Office and we will put you in touch with Diana.

Set Up

There are various times throughout the year where we need people to help set up the church for different events and special services.  If you feel you could be part of this team, please contact Noelle Gore, Operations Manager via the Church Office.

Children's and Youth Ministry

Children's & youth work is a fun and rewarding way to serve within the church. If you'd like to see what's involved please speak to Clare Johnston our Children and Families Worker, for toddlers and Primary aged Children, or Rosie and Jonathan Evans for all things to do with Youth.  Contact the Church Office and we will put you in touch.

Welcome team

We want to welcome everyone into our church family home, whether visiting or looking to become part of the family. We all do this, but we also have a dedicated team to welcome everyone to each service, hand out information when needed and help new people find a great place to sit.  Another great way to get to know the family, if you think this is something for you contact Diana Ray-Mathur, or the Church Office and we will put you in touch with Diana.