Weekend Away

Each year we have a weekend away as an opportunity of getting to know each other better.  

For our Weekend Away in 2017 we were back at Janet and Simon Cox’s house.  The weekend away is a good opportunity to have some teaching together and this year we welcomed Josh Hunt, Chaplain at Felixstowe Academy, to lead us.  These were very interactive and allowed plenty of time for us to reflect on our relationship with Jesus.

On the Saturday we headed off to Pleasurewood Hills and spent the day on the various rides, which for some was a brave thing to do.  Saturday evening, after the teaching session, there was a film to watch for those who wanted to, although one or two were so tired they fell asleep during the film.  Sunday morning we welcomed James Salter who rigged up some team building and problem solving activities for us to do.  Some of the young people found these a bit challenging but others rose to the occasion and managed to complete all the problems and work well together.

The weather wasn’t so kind to us this year, but we managed to survive in our tents and didn’t get too wet.  We are really grateful to Janet and Simon who allow us to stay at their house and use their marquee and facilities.  Janet cooks amazing food for us, including a roast dinner on the Sunday, and Simon ably assists Janet and takes care of the practical elements of their site.

Please contact St John's Youth Pastor Andy Williams or the Church Office for more information about events & activities run by Revival Youth.

Here are some comments from the young people about our Weekend Away in 2017: -

I enjoyed the group sessions and the trip to Pleasurewood Hills. It was cool having a speaker brought in as well to do the sessions. I enjoyed the team building activities as well. Thank you for a splendid weekend. ?

I enjoyed going to Pleasurewood Hills because I got to know people. And fun. 

I REALLY enjoyed going to Pleasurewood Hills as it was really fun.  I thought the sessions were good and I liked playing parliament.  Also the food was lovely ? ? ?
I really enjoyed this weekend.  It has been a great opportunity to meet and get to know new people as well as stablising the relationships I already had! Great fun at Pleasurewood Hills… really fun ? Thank You to everyone for making it happen!!! Amazing food as well

I enjoyed the group sessions; they were really inspiring and helpful and the cooking was amazing.  I liked the day trips also as well as the team building exercises.

Once again, many relationships (and our ability to endure the rain…) have been strengthened through this brilliant weekend! A lovely mix of crazy fun and inspirational God stuff.

Everything I could want, a sense of community, fun things to do and lots of lovely Christian stuff