School Christian Unions

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to run two Christian Unions in Farlingaye High School.

We meet in the lunch period on Tuesday’s for CU Lunchtime and again on a Wednesday after school 4pm till 5pm for CU Later (See what we did there?). The unions are open to Christians and non Christians and provide an oasis of calm in the school day and a reflective time after school. Topics handled are chosen based on the needs of the group and some indiviuals. Supported by a variety of confections we look to address the issues our young people face in a very large school and try to give them a Christian eternal perspective as they seek to deal with those issues. Please pray for those who are looking at the Christian faith for the first time and for those Christians who are using these times not only for themselves but as their ministry of discipleship within school.

Please contact St John's Youth Pastor Andy Williams or the Church Office for more information about events & actvities run by Revival Youth.