Sarah Nicols

Short Term Mission and Training 

The World Mission Action Group encourages and supports members of the church family who may wish to experience and participate in mission on a short term basis, up to one year.
The church’s primary purpose through supporting short term mission activities is to strengthen national believers and/or evangelism to non-believers and/or to demonstrate our Christian faith through social action and humanitarian initiatives. Our secondary purpose is to mobilize and educate our constituency to be more missions active. However, we recognise that the main beneficiaries of short term mission are the participants themselves who we hope will gain a more global perspective in their future careers or look to work in missions long-term.
Examples include 
Visits to Romania by the youth group, helping Cry in the Dark.  
Sarah Nichols, who went to New Zealand and Uganda with YWAM in the first part of 2018.
Stephen David's mission trip to Zambia in the Autumn of 2019, please click here.
Daniel Howard, Keren Bridgeman and Lydia Bridgeman, who in 2020 undertook a one year Intentional Discipleship course, with placements at Hope Church, Ipswich.
Financial support may be available for the short-term ministry or training via application to the Bursary Fund. Please contact Michael Lyons for more details.