How to create a video for online services 

If you have a camera with video feature use that if not you can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop
If you are able to change your camera settings to record in a smaller resolution, e.g.1280x720 it  makes it easier to send, please don't worry if you can't.
Be mindful of what is in the background before recording. 
Do a test video so that you can see yourself looking straight at the camera in front of you.
Once completed - play your video back so as to be sure you are happy with it.
Send your file via  to
A tutorial on how to do this is is below  
PLEASE NOTE We are no longer using or  for these videos as stated in the tutorial linked below. 
You will receive an email confirming that your video has been sent. 

Please note any material sent in will be shared on public pages of our web site.  The contents of what you share must not contain material that is copyrighted.   

Click on the video below to play the WeTransfer tutorial.  
Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it
Some technical tips that will help us use your material more easily.
  • File size - If there is a setting on your device that limits the video file size to 1280 X 780 please choose this setting.
  • The prefered formats are mp4, mpg and webm for video.  
  • Finally, when shooting video footage please film in landscape.

For those of you using Apple phones and tablets please click here for a tutorial.