Update from PCC held on 30th November 

The PCC met over Zoom and discussed Finance, Youth and Missional Communities. 

The Standing Committee had met on 16th November and our Treasurer, Alan Hawes, presented the proposed budget for 2021. This shows a significant reduction in income during the year and has led to us having to continue to reduce costs. We expect to have a deficit of around £10,000 next year, largely due to essential repair works to our properties.

The World Mission Action Group proposed the final payments to our mission partners, and these were agreed. We agreed that the Christmas offering would go to CAP (Christians against Poverty) and FIND (Families in Need), reflecting that these represented areas significantly impacted by the Coronavirus. Both are active locally.

Rosie Evans (representing the Growing Younger team) gave a very encouraging update on the youth work. There is a regular Zoom meeting for the youth each Friday, and one of our young people has initiated a bible study group during lockdown, which has grown from 3 friends to 8 over the summer. We discussed the lack of opportunity for Confirmation this year and this will be investigated for next year. 

We were joined by Archdeacon Sally Gaze, who is responsible for Missional Communities, which is an approach for rural churches to reach out into the community in new ways, while remaining connected to the local church. She gave a examples of how this is working, with everything from food banks to walking groups being used as a point of outreach into the community, often bringing churches together to work with volunteers who are not currently churchgoers. One person has come to faith over the summer through this work. Peter Plummer and Gillan Scott are investigating ways that St. Johns can be part of this movement. 

We look forward to hearing more from Peter and Sally, and are looking forward to sharing more with the PCC and congregation as the ideas develop into plans. 

We were due to receive an update from each of the Hub Teams, but that was postponed due to a packed agenda. The next PCC meeting will be in January - please get in touch if you have anything you would like to raise. 

Alan Nunn (Vice chair, PCC)

Summary of PCC meeting 2nd November 2020

The new PCC met for the first time and co-opted Graham House to the PCC in addition to members elected at the APCM. The standing committee, which deals with finances and staffing, was confirmed as Clive, the wardens, the Treasurer and Pat House.
The first business item was to discuss the feedback from the questionnaire, summarised in the report issued at the APCM. This was difficult as some feedback was particularly negative and challenging. The PCC was surprised and shocked at the depth of feeling and agreed that we will take collective responsibility for addressing the key themes emerging.  We thanked Mike Rugg-Gunn who has led on the data gathering and analysis work. The PCC teams will progress action on the issues raised, as many of them map directly into a team. The Wardens will work with the Diocese to address some of the more significant and challenging points. We recognise that one of the issues is communication, and we have already started to address that, please do let us know if it is improving!
Next, we agreed a proposal to carry out refurbishment of the Bury Hill property. This will be carried out by Paul Smith, while he and Jane move in and live there until their future plans are clearer. The PCC agreed a rental amount below the market rate to support this missionary couple.
The working teams (Journeying, Growing Younger, Reaching Out, Caring and Resourcing) were then discussed, with PCC members each associated with one or more team. Watch this space for the next steps, as the new team co-ordinators will reach out to members of the congregation to join a team and help map out our future. If you want to be involved in a specific team, please contact one of the wardens and we will point you in the right direction.
Finally we discussed the financial challenges facing Bredfield, as the usual funding events have not been able to take place this year. St Johns will increase our contribution towards the benefice Quota (Payment to the Diocese to cover the cost of employing clergy) shortfall, so that as a benefice, we will pay the full amount due.
Please continue to pray for the PCC and teams as we work through the issues that face us at this time.
Alan and Lyn (Churchwardens)

Annual Church Parochial Meeting October 2020

Our APCM took place on the 18th October.  We normally plan this meeting for March to April time.  However, due to lock down the meeting was cancelled in March and the Church of England set a new dead line for the end of October. 

The meeting dealt with end of year reports for 2019 as this is part of the statutory requirements.  

At this years meeting we appointed two church wardens, elected two deanery synod reps and two PCC members.  An electoral roll officer was also appointed.

The  agenda included reports on the electoral roll, church property, finance, vicar's report and safeguarding.

A PCC questionnaire document was presented and questions taken from members.  Our children and families worker reported on her work and presented her vision for the future.  Questions were taken.

At the end of the meeting  a video interview with Mary Brown was shared. Mary recently left St John's to start full time training for ordained ministry in the Church of England.

Our New PCC

Revd Clive Howard Vicar  Chair        

Church Wardens
Lyn Spall
Alan Nunn  

Licenced ministers
Revd Bill Herbert  Curate and Bredfield Focal Minister
Alan Weller Lay reader
Gay Nichols Lay Reader

Deanery Synod
Rosie Evans 
Clare Johnston Children's and Families worker
Tony Allwood 

Elected lay persons
Alan Hawes Treasurer
Jonathan Evans
Mike Rugg-Gunn
Pat House
Sue Simpson

Co-options: Rev Graham House was co-opted at the first meeting 2nd November