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Prayer @ St John's

Weekly Prayer Meeting 

The church meets to pray every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm-8.30pm to seek the heart of God for St John's in these times. The shared desire is to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the shared belief is that persistent prayer is powerful to bring change.

You are very welcome to join us every week drop in when you can. 

Bi-Monthly Prayer mornings

We aim to meet together every other month for an extended time of Prayer, this time usually has a focus for a particular aspect of Church Life or our own personal journey.  

Upcoming Meetings


Other Opportunities for Prayer

If you need prayer support at this time, and don't have anyone to pray with, please leave a message on our office answerphone and we will contact you with someone to pray with you 01394 383162.  

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry team are available to pray with people for God's healing of physical and related problems during or after services. 

Prayer Diary

St John's has a prayer diary which is issued monthly with a scripture passage and focus for prayers each weekday in the month. This is to encourage us to pray in one accord regardless of our various mid-week commitments. Every month the latest prayer diary is available to download and print at home from the Prayer Diary page.

Prayer Book

Items for prayer and thanks can be entered into the prayer book at the back of church when the church is open. Prayers put in this book will be said during intercessions at Sunday services.